Thursday, June 28, 2007

happy birthday to me/journal entry

Well now it's official, I am 28... unless you count by the exact hour which won't happen until 11:03 am. My final day as a 27 year old was good and then surreal and then kind of crappy. I did get my birthday package from my parents and spent my dad's "gift certificate" (cash) on yummy food at the Berkeley Bowl, including rhubarb for my birthday pie... which I hope I have time to bake. I had a job interview and got a new part time job, and then about 20 minutes later I got a call from our shop assistant asking me to come in and help her out because the shop supervisor quit in the middle of the day. I watched the designer run through... the first dress will not have costumes and well, we're just kind of treading water now. The shop assistant and I went out for drinks with the former shop manager... I met some cool guys who taught me how to play darts (beyond just aiming the darts at the bulls eye) so now I am back at home in the wee hours of the morning tired but determined to bake my damn pie! I should be upset at the shop manager or something but I'm not in any way because I could see this disaster coming from a mile away... my next concern is the car that is driving on stage for the show. In the scottish play there were horses that were on deck and made us question the integrity of the stage... Renee and I are NOT going to be under the deck during the driving scenes. Somehow I've made myself just detached enough to not be upset by my company anymore. :p

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