Sunday, June 3, 2007

Art @ the Brunz

While I wait for laundry to finish I decided to make use of my time by taking pictures of the sculptures on display this year. They all have titles but I didn't look them up so perhaps we should just make some titles up. My only hope is that none of these are titled "untitled" which to me says "I need to pay my rent and have no true reason for creating this thing other than to sell it..."
So here goes;
This first piece we shall call; The fall of the flame

Ah yes and here is; pencil shaving #4

This one is actually one of my favorites. Every angle has something new and interesting to meditate on. I am naming it;
The Labyrinth

here is a detail shot of the wood that this piece is made of

They're watching Us

The Infinate Debt

Dancing With Hector

Not sure about the twine balls... maybe they should be untitled... or if we're ambitious;


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