Thursday, December 1, 2016

Can uke help me?

This year. This month. I believe it has many times been compared to a huge "tire fire" and I must say that isn't far from my experience. My fellow humans seem far uglier than I had ever thought before. My frustrations with being in a new place... deaths of heroes and the pending fall of Rome (so to speak). I have decided to become a ukulele player. That part isn't the tire fire but rather the only balm I can find for my aching soul and the knots in my stomach. Sweet tones, easy tunes and geared tuners! Geared! I used to play the violin and holy cow; gears and frets make this tiny guitar easy as pie. Quite rewarding. I once learned to play Bella Bartok on the violin, compared to that learning One Love on the uke is much like an easy trip to a Hawaiian beach.