Friday, August 1, 2008

A first @ Starbucks...

It is shocking how many ways there are to mispell "Alexae";
 Alexa, Elexa,
 Elexia, Alexia, Alexis, 
Lexis, Lesus, Lexay, Lexy,Lex
 Alexy, Alexi, Alexe, Alex, Elexy, Lexia...
...and only one way to spell it correctly (obviously).  I really don't care that my name is always mispelled on my coffee cup, Valentine's cards, Birthday cards, emails... and so on and so forth. Oddly my name is spelled phonetically. Nonetheless it was shocking to recieve a cup with my name spelled correctly in the middle of a busy hour...

...truly the first time this has happened at a coffee shop to my recollection.


Les said...

speaking of names...your friend Mia is one of my spot ops for Uncle Vanya.



Anonymous said...

A special name means special problems. However, also special blessings.
And I love the reflection photo. DOD

alexae said...

It's all good Pop! I Love my weird name, and the weird spelling of my "normal" middle name... good job on that ;)