Monday, August 4, 2008

Pieces of Dior

Tonight I figured out a new puzzle. The puzzle is in the form of a Christian Dior knock off. The actual jacket wasn't that hard to figure out... it's figuring out the lining, the collar, the pockets, the order they go together... without taking apart the original. The front is so extremely shaped that it took some serious creativity and math (gulp) to get the inside just right... the picture shown is only the muslin version of the jacket I worked on tonight... really a picture of a half built coat isn't nearly as exciting as realizing that all of the little bits are actually going to fit together. I'm so glad I come from a family of puzzle people who understand the excitement of the process even more than the excitement of the finished solution. I'll take photos at the next fitting... probably a complete jacket will be a little more impressive... boy I'm tired!

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