Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Quick Update

So there have been no new posts of late because I'm too busy doing things to reflect on them.  Opening one show on Thursday, temporarily relocating to Carmel to open a show there next week and already starting prep work on the next two shows... Haven't had a break since before Sacramento, haven't had two consecutive days off since... um May?  It's good to have work but it's bad when it all piles up like this.  My back has been killing me for about two weeks now.  The knots under my shoulder blades have tied themselves over two or three times, but tomorrow I've got a 50 minute massage scheduled and I can't wait... Hope I can find some WiFi in Carmel so perhaps I can blog, check email and all that electronic jazz next week. ok sleep now.  Early morning tomorrow followed by a very full day.  Wish me productivity.