Saturday, April 23, 2011


Prague is maddening and beautiful and intense. The whole place comes with a sort of claustrophobia and it always requires you look Up Up UP! There is just about every type of architecture here and all jumbled together like a mad architect's dream world, streets converge randomly and others just go on and on, up and up with nowhere to turn. It is Easter weekend and warm so it is also crushed full of people local and not. I kept finding that I could not just take pictures becuase I would be taking them in little pieces only to try and tape together later. There is no room to take it all in and the whole city seems to crush in on you. Some buildings have intense Neo-Gothic decorations but are only five or ten feet from the next building. This video is of the old town square, one of the largest spaces by far.

*Today's Czech word of the day means "Up"
--although frankly I am still struggling with "thank you" and "I don't speak Czech"


Kelly Visel said...

Can you order a beer in Czech at least?

al'xae said...

Yden Pilsner Prrosim!

or "Chek-Beer Prrosim"

Most servers speak broken English

Anonymous said...

The sheer magnitude and closeness of the buildings is overwhelming. Trains that don't use digits? Verrry helpful! Glad you found your way. Love ya! Mom

Anonymous said...

I hope you get a Blue Girl Beer some place. I want to know if it is as good as it was in Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

Easter was overcast and blah. At least it was not white. Spring buds are opening and it is starting to look like warmth is upon us. DOD