Monday, April 25, 2011


Look at how much money I have in my wallet today! Seriously though... what is this worth? 1200 Czech Krouna is worth about $72.
You see this;

The three coins here add up to 17 Krouna, which is currently about one US dollar.  What can you buy in Prague with one US dollar?  You can buy;
A Banana and a trip to the bathroom
A single postage stamp (to be used within the Cz. Republic, outside postage is 21ck)
well, honestly nothing much else (I've been looking)

The smallest bill here is a 100ck Bill which is the equivalent of aproximately $6.  Most things here cost at least 100ck.  Goulash; 99ck, Beer or Cola is 50ck, a full meal is closer to 300ck-500ck, ($20-$30).  Sadly it is hard to find anything that is free to do... so I'm mostly walking around and doing the public transit sight seeing.  I spent way too much money on a lack-luster concert last night... I hate obsessing over money like this, but I think that the main reason that the Czech Republic has not switched to the Euro is because then it would be horrendiously apparent at how grossly inflated their prices are compared to everybody else.

*Today's German word means Money... because I'm more interested in returning to Germany than to Bohemia I'm working on my German.


Anonymous said...

Those are pretty big prices for a relatively small country. Because they were taken over in Hitler's era, there is probably a hangover of any kind of 'independence'.

al'xae said...

Well the Czechs had the Nazis, followed by three years of Democracy and then the Communists took over until about 1989... it seems like they are really embracing capitalism now.