Monday, April 25, 2011


Berlin's specialty; Currywurst. It is like street food, very akin to the bacon wrapped hot dogs sold in San Francisco's Mission District. However most places are real establishments rather than hot dog carts... and they are all over the city. Some are more trust worthy than others.

First you get a bratwurst cooked in what is clearly very healthy grease;
Then they cut the bratwurst into smaller chunks, cover it in curry powder, serve with fries and your choice of ketsup or Mayo... the dish is to be eaten with a tiny plastic fork while standing up.

It was rather good, and I felt full for pretty much most of the day. I'm sure there was more than a full meal's worth of calories involved.


Anonymous said...

You're such a carnivore! I'm sure Dad would put away a serving... :) Mom

Anonymous said...

That is not healthy! I doubt that I would want much of these, and would look for a sitdown with boiled potatoes and a beer instead of the fries, but I would want to try muscles and fries in Belgium. DOD