Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Munich Calling

Berlin was amazing.
Apologies for not updating... wi-fi was not easily available and I would rather spend time with Alex than with the internet so that is what I did. It is processing.
                                                                                 Berlin is complex and poetic.
Berlin was so much more than I expected and at times surprised me by being exactly what I expected... Perhaps at the end of the day when my feet are about to fall off I'll be ready to start talking about it.

When I got into Munich yesterday afternoon I took a train up into the English Gardens for a breath of fresh air.
I then walked South, counterintuitive since all of the water runs in the "wrong" direction by my perception.  Somehow my sense of direction is not dictated by the direction that water flows and instead of being completely turned around by it's contrary actions I just felt that it was doing something unnatural. The air is oddly muggy and looking out over the meadow there is a faint white haze that turns everything into a pastel but is so subtle that it never looks like fog.
This is the place that Mozart makes so much sense.  I put Eine Kline Nachtmusik on the ipod and it seemed like I was walking through a music video for Mozart. Everything smoves in time with his music.

  Alex warned me about the air pressure, there is a name for it and I forgot it... something about a high pressure system that is unique to Bavaria, it gives you headaches and makes you feel sick... it does feel odd I must say I'm glad for the warning because otherwise I might think I was getting sick or old quickly... I walked and walked and my legs started to feel all wobbly... the English Garden is HUGE.  Finally I wound up by civilization, the Haus du Kunst and the Subway... above the subway is this amazing building,
but at the moment I was so exhausted that I just looked up, took it in, took a picture and went to find my train back to the hostel.  Today I will find out what it was.  Now I am off to do the most touristy thing I can bear to do: the walking tour.  Perhaps I will buck up and have a drink at the Hafbrauhaus but I'm not so sure... for now, adieu and good night to the West Coast, I am off to enjoy my Deinstag (Tuesday) and try to increase my German skills (eep).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the confirmation that you are still with us. Sounds like you are having lots of fun. Wish we were there. DOD