Thursday, April 21, 2011


It's my last day in Munich, my last day in Bavaria... what to do? Yesterday I saw the Residenz Palace of Ludwig (pronounced Ludvich) the second.... I'm pretty sure he was the second, and the Haus de Kunst, which was not as impressive as I was hoping for. I walked and walked and frankly tired myself down for little reward. The Residenz was indeed amazing, but everything after that I was running on nothing. Solo travel in a foreign language is already exhausting, to get lost and find that (although I wasn't so lost the first day) I was very glad I brought a compass. Up was down, in was out and I was mostly spinning round and round. I slept in today. I shall endeavor to stop and eat lunch today. I shall endeavor to walk as very little as possible. Stairs? No! I shall take the escalator and ride it, like an old person. I thought about taking another walking tour today but it looks like a lot of the information will be a repeat of my free tour and I'm not sure I want to walk for three hours at a clip. Today I sit and stroll.

The great question of the day; can I buck up for a real Bavarian style meal? It is mostly a plate full of meat. Salad on the side costs a full 5 Euro extra and most people don't get that... my stomach couldn't take it yesterday, partially because of the walking and partly because of all the cigarette smoke. In Berlin there wasn't so much smoking, but here there are vending machines everywhere and smokers everywhere, it turns my stomach and makes me ever so cranky. I hear that Prague is going to be worse in that aspect (Heaven help me).

*German word of the day means Tired

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