Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shaking Packages

One of my favorite pastimes from Christmas drives my mother crazy.  I love shaking packages.  I love trying to figure out what is inside the box.  The actual gift is only half as great as the what-ifs beforehand.  
   There are certain techniques that have been developed through the years.  You do have to take into consideration what was on your wish list, things you need (or that others think you need), and things that the gift giver probably secretly wants for themselves.  With that in mind you then consider the weight of the package and its dimensions.  Sometimes a very large package with little weight is either a small gift in disguise or possibly a bulky gift that has little weight, like a down comforter.  You also have to beware of weighted packages that try to throw you off the trail... I think I begin to give away too many tricks here... 
Now small packages are usually jewelry or gift cards, they're pretty easy.  I suppose in a different income bracket small packages could contain car keys, but really that's just not going to happen for most of us. 
Books are generally easy as well, they're a rectangular or square package with three sides that dip in and one that is solid... generally books look like books... the fun with books is guessing witch one is inside.
The medium size packages are the most challenging.  Sometimes you can feel out the shape of the object, which is great "um... scissors?  an umbrella?  an oddly shaped game?".  Soft packages are usually socks, frequently given by someone who really wanted socks but didn't ask for them... heavy medium size packages are difficult, there is a whole cadre of procedure that goes on with those involving sound, smell, weight, and wish analysis... yet again trade secrets.  

Now that I don't have the opportunity to spend much time with my family in advance of Christmas I'm afraid package shaking needs to be crammed into one or two days of possibility, which is a bit disappointing.  Right now I'm nearing completion with gift here I am sending my family an electronic package family if you don't want any clues you should stop right now...

Kelly; (I know this is super easy)



John:(no it's not a girl in ripped jeans)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for shakin' me up! I knew all that prodding had a scientific bent - now just reach out for that funny medium sized one I just wrapped.... MOM