Sunday, December 14, 2008

a rant about rain.

Why is it when weather happens everybody looses their mind? In Cincinnati every year it would snow and panic would ensue as though it had never snowed before "ahh run in circles, haul out the massive amounts of salt, where is the ice scraper? Do we have an ice scraper? It's the end of the world!!!"

Here in Berkeley it rained today and everybody lost their freakin mind!
It rains here, all the time, all winter, every year. Somehow today everyone seemed to forget to use their eyeballs and pay attention to everyone else around them.

I had one vehicle stop in the middle of a three lane street, no notice, no emergency lights, nothing... just to let their passengers out in the middle of the road while ten feet from a green light, making all of us behind him stop and wait for the next cycle. About two blocks later I was following a different vehicle, we turned right on a green light and (I am not exaggerating) within ten feet of the corner that car stopped, stranding me in the crosswalk with pedestrians walking around me (illegally I might add) and another car behind me holding up cars behind him. I had to load my car in the rain about thirty feet from the door because three (THREE!) cars decided to park in the "5min at all times" zone directly in front of my theater... (in wet shoes but that is of corse my own stupidity...) So I got my car loaded with a full trunk plus backseat worth of costumes and I drove to the end of the street where there is a crosswalk and a stop sign, but instead of using the crosswalk pedestrians were just meandering a good distance into the road, laughing and stopping wherever. I was getting a bit peeved at this point and reflexively yelled "Use the %$^%*$ Crosswalk!" a woman looked up and with great astonishment realized that there were cars in front of her.
Now why is it that because it's a Little wet, everybody decides that the rules do not apply to their special ass?