Wednesday, December 10, 2008


...15 days to go and I'm not really feeling very Christmas'y.
Christmas ads irritate me with the perpetual "buy buy BUY some love" Santa this, Santa that..., Christmas music irritates me because it's mostly cheaply produced crap that you'd never listen to at any other time of the year but from November 1 to January 1 soulless corporate robots insist on piping it through every store they own. Christmas decorations irritate me because 80% of them are just so cheap and tacky and what's worse is that they mostly end up in the trash contributing to global warming, pollution and land-fill crisis... I'm not saying ALL decorations are tacky, but all I need to prove my point is to have you step five feet into any craft store this month and you'll see it. Oh and let's not start on Christmas movies. Now there are some good ones, but every year there are some b-list celebrities staring in a pointless Christmas drama that the lifetime network will pick up and play residuals of for years to come... yet again things that you'd never haul out of the closet if it weren't Christmas...
Anyways, despite my Grinchitude I am going to try and be "merry" or whatever... here's my Christmas greeting for the day today;

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