Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Adieu 2008

The final day of 2008, sighs outside my door. A grey fog that whispers "stay inside today" "do your work over the internet". I consent although New Years Eve in San Francisco calls later in the day.

...Good bye to things we should let go. Hello good fortune, hello new complications, hello new jobs and new people, hello new attitudes and new opportunities...
...and most likely hello more winter fog!

I must say as grey and dismal as it seems, I am still grateful that it is not snow and that the temperature remains above freezing. I love living by the bay.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite Berkeley-ite - Isn't it nice that it's not Cincinnati grey? And yay - the snow is melting, but it is still freezing cold every night. We went to Indio today to get date crystals and heat. Love, mom