Saturday, May 3, 2008

An "old people" moment

Sometimes old people have been known to complain about the weather, prices and "kids these days"... well here is where I complain about prices because mostly the rest of my life has been the exciting world of shopping, lots and lots of shopping (in case you don't know, I hate shopping so it makes me really cranky).  Mind you I am at least spending other people's money but it doesn't make it that much better.  A pair of new Levi's is now up to $60 a pair (ouch that's a chunk out of the budget)... Since I am shopping for a full show of clothes, hauling around a full trunk-load of bags isn't exactly practical if you want to hoof it so I've been driving a lot more than I would like to.
Yes this sign says $4.01 for regular (the cheapest I've seen all week has been $3.91)

After a long day of spending gobs of someone else's money I go back into my own account and sigh as I walk through the grocery store and realize that a decent loaf of bread is up to $5 a loaf!  Instead I bought some fresh yeast and a new bag of flour (a total of $5.50 that will bake into probably 8 or 10 loaves)  

I don't know that there's much to be done about it but it is a bit demoralizing... 
Next week I'll be heading into Tech week so I'm afraid this week is all about more shopping (grumble) and a little sewing and lots of time at the theater.  Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! I cheated & went to the Oroweat 2nd day store this week. I am also shopping (for MusicMan) sigh.
At least I found my bag of feathers to transform ugly straw hats into ugly pick-a-little hats! Love, Mom