Friday, May 9, 2008

There's nobody left in Antarctica!

Anybody who reads my blog should know, at least tacitly, about my fascination with Antarctica.  I had been reading four different scientist's blogs who were posting from the bottom of the world and now I'm down to just one... (link on the side)... the other three are done with their Antarctic stay and are returning to their various homelands.  It's sad.  Now I have to surf the nets again to find new blogs and decide which ones I want to follow... I'm going to miss the others, it's like having your favorite columns cancelled from your newspaper.  

So I guess if anyone out there has a suggestion about new science blogs, Antarctic blogs, Oceanography blogs... or other such "nerdy" interests leave your suggestion in the comments... Don't be shy even if I don't know you I'd like to hear if you know of any good blogs.


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Rob Webster said...

hi alexae... i highly recommend

by a very nice chap called Dean that i trained with in Cambridge before heading down. He'll be there until early 2009. Some truly astounding aurora and star pictures on there.