Thursday, April 3, 2008

Winding Down...

I believe it is time to wrap up with my excursion to the old world. I have so many photos but it could take a very long time to blog about them all and I would like to try and enjoy the world around me right now. I do have at least another two blogs left from my trip... however here is a good mix of some of my favorite shots before we return to the now;

These gates are under a beautiful Victorian bridge. This is where the meat market used to be in London. When divorce was still illegal you could sell your wife here.

A sign of time gone by at an old underground entrance;

I am particularly proud of this shot. It is a photo in triplicate; window pane, bottles in silhouette, and reflection of the street behind. ooh Art.

Beautiful texture captured in the St.Paul's underground;

Inside St.Margret's church. It is beautiful. It smells of incense, granite and old wood. The floor is covered with engraved memorials, the walls are covered with more memorials and epitaphs (there are probably people buried underneath the floors) I was captivated by the grey stained glass! I wanted to attend services.

The Scottish Highlands (shockingly different and still right next to the lowlands)

The tiny European rental car that roughed it through some Rural parts of the Highlands, this is a Ford Ka (yes an American company that has given us so much grief about building smaller more gas efficient cars in the states makes these already... what is their problem? I think these would sell like hotcakes in crammed cities like San Francisco)

A graveyard in the highlands. This grave is only about 100 years old, the yard is still in use, I found a grave that was from 2002 and it looked almost as dilapidated as this one, only the clearer lettering and the date gave it away. I guess that in this soggy environment everything gets overrun by weather and moss.

Castle Sween at sunset;

A moody shot of Glasgow (I do intend to write a whole post on Glasgow, it was fascinating)

Ok. That was fun! Later!

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