Friday, April 11, 2008

Joshua Tree Photography

I think I know why these photos look so odd. I got them back from the drugstore fully convinced that either my camera was broken or my film was ruined by the magnet in my bag... however now in retrospect I remember taking these shots with a blue filter just to see how it would turn out...

...I think they turned out rather striking.

These detail shots of the Joshua Trees were taken with the new macro rings Dad gave me...

Unfortunatley all of the shots at the end of the roll didn't produce any images at all... (I finished the roll 4 months later) so I think I'll go get a new battery and if that doesn't help I'll take it into a shop.
Some of the shots I don't have up here came out a little over-exposed, anybody have a suggestion about how to not do that?

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Anonymous said...

Photos look great!! Yes, a filter will give strange effects. If the other photos did not turn out check the battery first. Your eye is outstanding. I look forward to the book! Love, DOD>