Saturday, December 15, 2007

vacation mind

I have a strike to do, a strike to prep and a cleaning of my house to do in the next four days and then I am scott free for two weeks. I shall be "Out of Town" to the world at large. However... my brain has already mostly checked out. I start cleaning and get distracted by the things I find. Today I managed to clean my car but forgot to pay my bills or truly make any progress at home or at work on the "Great Cleaning" that must be done. I started to purge my wardrobe and found old projects that I had to pick up and work on right there... I started to reshelve my books and wound up reading for an hour and a half before I finally decided to put it down and make some dinner. I thought about going to yoga but in the search for my yoga clothes I got distracted by the dogs and decided to play fetch instead... I can't remember why I opened up my laptop just now, but I just got done watching some youTube and then decided to check email and blogs... and here I am now. Ah... what was I saying? Ooh look, a butterfly...

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