Friday, December 14, 2007

Guess that Era (Round 2)

Ok there are some really Ugly beasts today;

I want to know Why oh Why this pant and jacket set was created at all. It was made "exclusively for Macy's" Oh the humanity! Can you imagine this coming down the street at you? And what shoes and make up would go with? Ooh...
70's? 80's? The lack of shoulder pads make me lean towards 70's.

60's maternity?

It's hard to tell from this photo, but this is a three piece set. Because of the polyester that the top is made of I'm pretty sure that this is 1970's but I had to share. My quick google "research" indicates that this was probably an expensive outfit to begin with. It was designed by Ken Scott. The jacket and britches feel like upholstry fabric although the lable says that they are 100% linin. It's bad.

This last one isn't so bad, it has a pretty drape, is possibly a silk velvet. I'm guessing 1940's because it looks like something Ginger Rogers would have worn,anyone have a second opinion?

Thanks again. I am nearing the end of my reorganization and hopefully I've done alright with most of it. When my winter break gets here I'll hopefully be able to post blogs involving more insight and better writing...


kelly v said...

That Ken Scott thing makes me cringe...and his web site reminds me of mom and dad's bedroom wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

"Ultra floral prints" - eek, you're right! And we know those came out of the 1960's. As soon as we get the roof fixed and there's a point to getting rid of it.... Yes, the Ken Scott thing probably was very $$$ at some point, but for now, Gracie & I would relegate it to recycling!!! The classic Grace Kelly look is probably 1940's. The bright colors on the first one denote 1960's all the way. Even if it was done in the '70's when stripes were THE thing. Mom