Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day off?

The biggest problem with having a single day off only once every few weeks is that you put so much pressure on that one day. You wake up thinking "I AM GOING TO RELAX AND HAVE A GOOD TIME TODAY DAMN-IT!" and frankly I get so wound up with needing to relax that it spoils the whole day. I turn into my father on vacation (sorry Dad) where I've tried to schedule my relaxation and my fun and then when it doesn't go as planned I get so frustrated. Today I slept past yoga partially because of the drizzly grey weather. I decided to go to the city and see the Marie Antionette exhibit at the Legion of Honor. There had been a big traffic accident on the bay bridge and I wound up getting stuck going 0 to 6 miles an hour for three miles (yes that ate up about 40 minutes of my "fun" time. In my frustration I decided to take the BART to the city because I'M GOING TO THE MUSEUM TO HAVE FUN. By the time I got off the freeway, onto the train and actually into the city I finally took a moment to breathe and realize that to get to the Legion I would need to take the 38 Geary bus all the way across town. To do that takes around an hour (thus the original impulse to drive in). By the time I got to the museum I would have about fifteen minutes before they closed, and that is assuming that traffic is good and the bus is running on schedule. For a moment I thought about going to the MOMA instead but I've seen their collection several times before and I'm not in the mood for modern art, so I turned around and took the train back to Oakland where I had left the car unsure if I had remembered to lock it or not. This all could have been karmic punishment for blowing off my responsibilities and not taking my car in to get smogged, or something... but really I think I'm just so busy and wound up that I shouldn't even try to take a day off until I can take several days off.

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John said...

Hi Alexae. Sorry your day off involved so much travel stress. If it helps, I'll do yoga with you next time I'm up, I love me some yoga. --JOHN D.