Sunday, December 2, 2007

ODC Dance

I found this video on youTube. It's a promo for the dance company and the dance I'm working on right now. I really love this troop. Artistically they are fantastic. They have a precision that is top notch and the choreogaphy is beautiful. This promo seems to have been recorded for the younger crowd but does show a few good samples of the show. The Rabbit costume is amazing. I'm really a bit tired so I'm not going to ramble but enjoy the video and when they get to the "narrator" grammaphone keep in mind that the thing is 20 years old, is worn by 2 to 4 different sweaty dancers per show and only has a velcro-on hood that can be washed--- it's disgusting. The Rabbit head is also old (although this one was actually rebuilt a few years ago) but at least has a lot of ventalation available so it's not so bad.

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