Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Alex

Today is my one of my oldest* and most dear friend's birthday (*that is oldest in the amount of time I've known him, not his time on the Earth). Unfortunately he lives in Hamburg and I can't get away to take him out on the town tonight. I can't even think of what to send him for the occasion. I know he has a thing for new office supplies... but really he lives in Germany. All of my favorite art supplies are from there, I imagine that their pens are equally superior to ours and they probably have some equivalent to post-its that make shipping them across the Atlantic a silly idea. I could send him a book... but which one? I went to the book store and nothing I saw was exotic or exciting enough for him in my opinion. I'll probably think of the perfect something in a month or two... in the mean time;

The top 10 things I love about Alex;
1. He's insightful
2. He keeps me smiling
3. He's a perfectionist
4. He has an amazing aesthetic sense
5. He always manages to keep me balanced
6. We still can write each other full letters after ten years!
7. He loves discussing art.
8. He doesn't balk to tell me when I'm being boring.
9. I can ask him about critical artistic choices and get a real answer.
10. He has an air of beauty about him. 10 was easy! I could go on, but I shant because he is also very modest and doesn't take praise very well...

Happy Birthday Alex!

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Anonymous said...

Plus 3 more: He's willing to try new things(even playground equipment & weird American food). He's a very loyal friend. He's creative & therefore interesting. Happy Birthday Alex! Momma Karen