Friday, July 4, 2008

Capitol building that...

The California State building as viewed from behind has this three part public art display(part 2 is shown,the other two may come later) This is called the "zone of Discovery"

all of the round drum-like sculptures have different murals representing the peoples of California (from all eras) and are supposedly arranged to represent the way the stars were alligned over Sacramento on September 9th 1850 (the day California became the 31st state)
Here is a cheery one of the Spaniards conquering the new world and getting the natives to bring them all their gold and harvest before killing or enslaving most of them.... yay.  They need to do a bit of a cleaning because this was one of the few not totally covered in bird crap.
I think this golden ball represents the sun... but I'm not sure.  The Skate-ramp area is painted with a portrait of Edwin Hubbel when you look at it from just the right place... still looking for that (maybe in the reflection of the golden ball... further investigation is required).

And here is the front of the Capitol building...

I plan on taking a tour on the inside later on.  Hopefully they'll let me take pictures.

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Anonymous said...

The outside is pretty isn't it? Inside, watch for rats in 3 piece suits! Mom