Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lost things

I can tell my brain capacity is just about full... or that my world around me is a total and complete mess (in a very literal sense). I have been doing my best to eat on schedule and sleep as much as possible (about 7 hours on most days) but my schedule cactches up with me in symptoms like lost objects and dirty laundry. I have lost the cable that connects my camera to my computer, making photo-blogging really difficult. I've lost a beautiful bracelet that I recently bought... totally bumming me out and hoping that I find it tomorrow. I'm down to the bottom of the clothing I own that isn't completely full of holes (or dress up clothes) so my wardrobe this week has become a combo of holy jeans and velvet tops, or jersey shirts with wool pants... I've lost my coffee mug at work...for the show I've lost an engagement ring and two pair of pliers (although I don't think I am to blame for the missing pliers :/ ) it's all of these little things that all mount up to being really annoying and all I want to do is clean everything because that seems to be the best way to find things. Alas I haven't the time to clean things, I have to spend all available time chained to the sewing machine (where I hope to find my poor bracelet) or there are those pesky hours at night where I am obliged to sleep. It's so annoying. If only I could store up sleeping credits... but then that might not be good. Then people would ask me to work for 24 hours a day because I should have a stash of sleep in my back pocket... alas I ramble now. The end is is sight... but that is weeks and weeks away. Hopefully a day off will happen next week (keep fingers crossed). Hopefully I can organize things and find all of these missing objects before they drive me mad!

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