Monday, October 15, 2007

Eco blog pending... (Me vs. the Environment)

Ok, So I am still planning on posting a blog about how I keep my laundry room earth friendly... but today the elements were against me. I've had a chest cold brewing for days now and running around for eight hours a day in a leaky cold amphitheater in October has only made it worse. This morning I was unable to tell the dog to stop barking and resorted to clapping at him... (it worked). I had lost my cell phone and had a strike to do at the theater. For the non-theater folk "strike" is actually a lot of work involving massive clean-up and putting away the show and the wardrobe room in its entirety. I got to the theater and there was a light sprinkle so I stepped up the hauling of heavy items, hoping to get enough into the dressing rooms and away from the theater to keep it all relatively dry... of corse it has been rainy all week and I managed to find the two shelves that were still holding a good amount of rain water and dump it all directly onto my head. About an hour into the strike the heavens opened up into a timultuious downpour. In my wardrobe room the ceiling drips as though in an underground cave but faster... and I had to continue to move my gear. Mind you I am doing this strike alone for reasons that I don't care to get in to and today was the only day that I had truly free to strike. I managed to get all of the non-waterproof items out of wardrobe and all of the costumes back to the shop but was soaked to the core and now I sound like Tom Waits, so I went home early, put on dry clothes and fell asleep at 6pm. I woke up around 9pm and now am sitting here finding that my heart is not in to actually posting the blog that I had intended to. I'm still sick and I still have work to tend to all week. Hopefully though I'll manage to stay asleep tonight and wake up in a better disposition.

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Anonymous said...

Arrrrgh! I hate it when you get sick & I can't be there to do mom-stuff! Stay as dry as you can, take your meds and chicken soup & know that I love you! Mom