Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogger Action Day 2007

Much like my father who was "patriotic before it was popular" I was an environmentalist before it was popular. I was probably an environmentalist from the first day my baby eyes could focus on a tree... thus I am eager to see the fruits of this blogger action day that is coming up on Monday. Everybody with a blog is encouraged to blog about the same topic all on the same day. This year's topic is the Environment. It's very trendy especially with Al Gore getting the Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize for "An Inconvenient Truth". However annoying new greenies are when they tell us all that we need to save energy and that the Earth is going to be incinerated by a big ball of global warming (like it's new news) I appreciate that they have joined the band wagon that had been started long ago with oh say; Jimmy Carter, Edward Abbey, Ansel Adams, Thoreau, John Muir... and so on and so forth. Yea, I'm a member of the Sierra Club, I vote with the Green Party, I bought my car based on the expected MPG, I pick up litter at the beach because it's there... welcome to the party. I am both thrilled and annoyed at the new coverage that our environmental woes have become so fashionable to discuss. I am irritated every time the electric company informs me that I can cut my electric bill by "lowering the temperature of [my] pool". I glance around my room and count the standard light bulbs... um, zero... and I look outside for my pool... hum maybe there's another way short of bribing my landlady to get us double pane windows... However I am always happy that a greater population is becoming cognisant that their actions and their consumption affects the world they live in. That said, I encourage all of you with a blog to check out the link, register your blog with (check my links on the side), and join in the discussion. Also if you do post for blog action day leave me a link to your site, I'm eager to see what everybody posts.

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and if, like me, you don't blog, at least read a few, leave a comment and encourage the good ones. Good job! Mom