Thursday, July 5, 2007

Food for thought

"In Most kinds of addiction the harm comes not from the substance itself but from the fact that the addiction distracts from other things we need; substances that nourish, experiences that feed and support and gratify us. This deprivation in turn reinforces addiction."
--Phillip Slater, "Wealth Addiction"

---makes me think of tech week every time.

During tech, I go to work, then come home and have a listless night of "sleep", wake up and start paperwork for the next day of tech... then maybe I'll do some shopping for the show, head in early to get everything in order and back to the theater where we usually eat at odd times and sometimes food that is not what we need. We skip our yoga classes, we miss concerts, and graduations, we go in to work exhausted and sick, broken bones and all, our families and friends learn to expect to just not see us for at least a week solid ... and I do this at least once every three to six weeks (as do most theater people). Theater seems like a fun profession at times but at others it can be very unhealthy.

What do you do that is destructive but perpetual, "nessicary" or not?

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