Monday, February 28, 2011

Hangar One

Last week my best friend came up and spent three days with me.  The wet chill of weather diverted us from our original plan to go hike in the redwoods.  Instead we went to a distillery on Alameda island.

  Just outside of the parking lot you can see the lot where the Mythbusters frequently destroy cars, and blow up buses.  I chose to keep my camera dry so you'll need to take my word on this.

Inside there is a small room that works as the gift shop and the booth where you can sign up for tasting their liquors. St.George distillers sells vodkas, brandy, Whiskey (a very American Bourbon), absinthe, liquors that included raspberry, a tea-bergamot (that was oddly fantastic), and pear.

There was a "tour" that basically walked us to all of two locations while a tour guide spoke very softly and I have no idea of what he said... it was at least free and interesting to take a gander at the interior.

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