Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February this and that.

February can be a cold mistress.  Often it is a month of left over ramen and the eternal job search.  It is the slowest time of year in the Theatre. This year I've found a sewing job that has happily kept me occupied and earning money.  It has however left my blog rather sparse.

I don't particularly like sewing.  I am good at sewing, it pays the bills but it is not a passion of mine.  It doesn't keep my brain moving in the way that design does.

When I get bored with sewing I start to drift into imagining that I am sewing myself a train ticket in Germany, I am making myself a nice cup of coffee on a foggy morning in Munich... I imagine Munich will have fog, I have no idea really but I love it so much in San Francisco that I imagine all nice places must have a little fog in the morning.  I listen to audiobooks... I turn inward and muddle around in my head, but it's a difficult place to take photos of.  I promise to crawl out of my own brain soon and I will bring the blog when I do.  Meanwhile, patience.

Today the new album by Adele came out and I downloaded it as soon as possible.  She won me over on this one with the tiny desk concert she did for NPR.  Amazing.


Stringfellow said...

I know this comment will be dated but I really like the photo of the pier. It might be a bridge, the way you've captured it.

Is it?

al'xae said...

The bridge to eternity...
That is to say, yes it's a pier. :)

The Sauce said...

Adele is one of my favorites. I don't understand how a body can contain a voice like that. "Rolling In The Deep" is just sick. :)