Thursday, December 9, 2010


There are times when the life of an artist is excessively boring. To the outside observer it looks like every day is non-stop craft time that must be endlessly exciting and fulfilling... There are moments where I stop and think "holy crap I love my work!" but then I am reminded of the 15 pairs of white polyester pants that need to be hemmed and the stinky dance bodices that I must clean again in hopes of reducing the years of body odor that have become an integral part of the arm pits. I stop and think about invoices to send and clients who continue to be late in paying... There is the continuous job hustle. There are long stretches of time where the creative work gets put on hold for the organization and alteration jobs.

I would never ever give this up for a desk job but mostly these days I lack things to blog about because seven days a week have been this;

get up,
eat breakfast,
go to work,
go to more work,
screw around on the computer,

Holiday work will eventually give way to more exciting things and a quick vacation in SoCal later on should be a good thing, but until then, forgive the quietude of the blog.

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