Sunday, December 19, 2010

Credit due.

Another Nutcracker is over... Running the show is chaotic and completely different from running a show with adult actors or dancers.  We have dancers from age 4 to age "none of your business".

One of my favorite bright nine year olds has been having a hard time this year.  Every week her group continues to be called the "little girls" and the "little ones" and as I sat quietly in the corner sewing or taking fitting notes I could hear her mumble in a quiet voice, "we're not that little, give us a little credit!".  Her class is indeed on the ball whereas the same level last year was sometimes problematic, I can see why she feels a bit underestimated.
Today I sat with one of our awesome helper moms and she looked over at a group of these young ladies and told them how amazing they were doing, their eyes lit up a little, and how they "look just like big kids when you're really so small." The light in the eyes turned into a little flame masked with fake smiles...

I looked over at them and remarked "Well, they really are the big kids.  In a couple of years they'll be pre-teens" Awesome helper mom looked at me and said "I suppose you're right, I hadn't thought about it like that."  Instantly all smiles were real and I had become their favorite adult.


**Not only was I mostly too busy to take any photos,  I just don't think it's appropriate to take pics of stranger's kids to post on my blog so please enjoy the awkward photoshop drawing... at least it gives me a little practice with this new program.


Hence72 said...

wonderful blog
especially like the youre perfect man

Anonymous said...

Being one of the formerly unappreciated and definitely under estimated children, your sensitivity is more than understandable!! Good for you! Mom