Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's the Year of the Tiger

Do I love a parade?
The militarism, the crowd, the screaming children, the vendors selling "COT-N Candy! and Glow Sticks!", all of the people in ugly uniforms marching... enough Chinese poppers to make the place sound like a firing range from morning until after sundown... what's not to love?

Some mysterious sense of obligation coaxed me to go see the Chinese New Year parade this year. I've been living in the San Francisco area for nine years and have never been. It's supposed to be a big deal. After waiting around for a good 40 minutes next to delightful children who spent the whole time screaming, playing with firecrackers and spewing silly string on everyone around them we finally saw signs of life...
Just look at these Dragon dancers... not dancing. Ooh exciting.
There was a guy dressed in a green unitard who was really into it. He was there dancing and making everybody cheer and making me feel like even more of a sour-puss in comparison.
The Dragon was cool, although a bit fast to take photos of. The guys holding the dragon were hot, so that was nice...

At this point in the parade a chubby 9 year old in designer jeans next to me was crying that she hadn't had enough cotton candy and that she wanted the Blue silly string "not the Red!"... oh yea we're having fun now...

Ok, yea the dragons were really neat. If only there were a way to see them in a non-parade format.
I watched the parade for about 30 minutes before heading back towards BART and found the tail of the parade by the time the sun had set.

Year of the Tiger here;
Glowing Dragon;
MCDonalds loves you... buy our Happy Meals... Visa loves you too but the photo didn't show up very well... it was totally covered in glitzy money and credit cards. Corporate sponsors pandering for ethnic customers? Wow parades are awesome.
Look another glowing tiger (one of possibly ten)

Well now I can say I've been. Gay pride is more fun.

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Anonymous said...

Next year try being in SoCal and involved with a firecracker show with DOD. It is fun.