Saturday, March 27, 2010

Distant memories...

This day many years ago... I remember it was dark out and I was in the passenger's seat of the Travellall. Was I strapped into a child's seat? I don't think so, perhaps we left in a hurry or I was so used to it I didn't even think about it. I remember peaking over the seat while my baby sister was being born in the back because she wouldn't wait the hour and a half to be born in the hospital... I couldn't see much because I was too small and Dad told me to stay put. There was a lot of breathing and then a couple of baby cries but not much noise really. I also remember waiting in some building at the side of the road that wasn't the hospital... and then the hospital where it was brightly lit and they wouldn't let me see the new baby because I was too little (at least that was my understanding of it). That I am afraid is all I remember from my sister's day of birth... its a little self centered but I was four and a half, what do you expect?

Happy Birthday Kelly Bug! I'm glad you were born! I have more clear memories of your first birthday when you got your first black eye... and of corse most of your birthdays thereafter. Have a great day this year! Don't run into the hearth.
Love you!!!

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Kelly Visel said...

Thank you! I'll make sure to stay away from the hearth.