Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Stock

Today I arrived in Sacramento for my summer stock job. After a nice brunch with my friends...

I finished packing and drove to Sacramento.
As soon as I got here I went on walk-about (as the Aussies say) and after locating the theater,

... I turned around and promptly forgot where the hotel was... Eventually I gave in and called my friend who has an iPhone and looked up the address for me. (sigh)

Sacramento has some beautiful architecture.
This is the youth Hostel (ooh pretty)

... and the hotel they've got me put up in is pretty sweet.

the pool;

my room;

That's it for today, but I think it's safe to say that being in a new job in a different town will lend itself to much more blogging.  Yay!  


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty good! I'm glad the room isn't totally sterile modern. I'm sure you won't be directionally challenged for long. Love ya! Mom

Les said...

wait wait wait - are you at the circus????

alexae said...

Yep, I joined the circus. Thought I told you.