Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sick Dog.

Normal DeWalt;

Infected DeWalt;

He looks like a Grouse...

This week I made Dewalt a custom harness when we found that his normal chain collar was probably hurting more than it should...

It began with the licking, the incessant sluurp, sluurp licking… the dog began to drive my roommate and I nuts. Then later Adam’s energetic dog started getting tired after a short jaunt around the block. The dog stopped eating much or wanting to go to work. Then on Friday my friend found a huge lump in Dewalt’s throat.

The lump must have been cutting off his windpipe, making it hard to breathe, and painful to eat kibble. On Monday I took the dog to the vet . I drug him out from under the meager shelter the vet’s chairs provided so that the doctors could examine him and tell us that it’s possible that the lump could be a tumor. Thankfully yesterday the vet called to tell us that the culture they took from the dog’s neck is a bacterial infection. We’ve been feeding him soft food (something he can swallow) which has helped with his mood. Today as I painted clothes to look like they’re covered in mud and blood the dog burrowed into the bushes with a still swollen neck… unaware that he has antibacterials on the way and no neck surgury in his immediate future. I’m also in the middle of tech this week, but really a sick dog is now more stressful than pant alterations and shirt options so I’m glad that both tech and the dog are doing alright now.

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Kelly V. said...

Poor Dewalt; he looks so sad.