Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Dog Exploded

... or rather his neck burst. (you might not want to read this if you're squeamish)... Actually below the pictures with "extra-fat-face" were from yesterday, the others were from earlier in the week. Around 6 am, Adam was shaken from sleep by a "Pop"! The exploding absess was loud enough to wake you up... eww. So my roommate who has been working on "blood cannons" for Evil Dead the musical, greeted the day with a spurt of blood to step in.
The dog was SO Happy. I can only imagine the massive relief of pressure... Our friend John is visiting today so he helped pack up the dog to the vet once it opened. Thankfully the dog exploded on a non-emergency day, he just had to wait a couple of hours for the vet to open. I slept through the whole thing; when I arose from the dead I found the TV still running, all the lights on and the apartment vacant.
So now Adam has given a large chunk of cash to the vet and is heading back to work to deal with the theatrical version of projectile blood, DeWalt is chilling at the vet with an antibacterial drip and a relieved disposition, and John and I are hanging out watching "Planet Earth"... oh and I'm working on designing a Shakespeare.

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