Sunday, February 3, 2008

I h8 txting!

Y do I h8 txting? I despise wasting time searching for the correct letter on the keypad of my phone. I hate how long it takes to type a single word because each key represents three or four letters. I hate that it reduces language into the most easily abbreviated words and boils down personalities into :) :p :( smilies... I loathe that it allows people to be fully false about how funny things are, and dismissive of when things are upsetting or sad. Instead of the joy of listening to your friend's unique laughter, all you get is "lol" (Laugh out Loud) or one that makes my skin crawl; "roflmao" (rolling on floor, laughing my ass off) which is most frequently false. " Rolling on the floor" sort of laughter is so rare that it is beyond cheap to even have a full abbreviation for it. I dislike that it allows people to be distracted at any given moment; in the car, at dinner, at the theater, at the movies... Texting becomes a substitute for making any time for people because you can slide in "attention" while you're commuting or doing something else. It is impersonal, inefficient, and irritating. That my friends is my official stand on why I hate texting.

... and now for your amusement...

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J. Draginoff said...

We're just old fuddi duddies, that's all. Texting is the new generation's pager. It's 'cool', it's fast and the old people don't get it.
Side note:
The last time I rolled on the floor laughing was when my brother tripped (drunk) running up the stairs and put his head through the plaster wall of the landing. Oh, and he was fine, by the way, and Dad made him fix the hole before letting him clean the plaster dust out of his hair.