Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a winter sigh

What happens when I have much more time than money on my hands;

My room explodes

My closet becomes organized

My socks get darned (again)

My friends' clothes get fixed
(no picture available)
I cook more... and spend time wondering if I've ever seen carrots with holes through them before...

I'm planning on painting my walls (on the landlady's dime), sending out resumes to new people, and actually making my own clothes (which is something I claim that I never do). Shaggy is coming to visit me next week but fortunately he is just as poor as I am, so I think there will be redwoods hiked in, beaches combed, windows shopped and DVD's watched...

It's really not so bad. Everything is slow, like I'm in a hibernation. I have time to reflect on where I'm going, what I'm doing and how to improve. I get the chance to reorganize and rest. During these slow patches my taxes get filled out, my paperwork is purged and I get the chance to read all of the scripts for plays I'll be working on in the coming months.
Time seems to slow down especially on the dreary rainy days that fill the early months of the year. I actually pine for the next tech crunch and the next deadline that makes me want to scream. I get anxious that things will always stay like this but I must remind myself that the spring will come, the frosts will melt and the meadows will be filled with flowers again as they are every year. By the time this year's holiday season rolls around this slow season will seam like a distant dream until it turns the corner back into another wintery lull and I sigh deeply as I do now.

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