Sunday, January 27, 2008

My favorite places to eat in San Francisco

Many San Franciscans claim that there are more seats in our restaurants than there are residents in the city. Weather that is true or not is not something I cannot verify. I can confirm that there are many great places to eat here. I have mostly been restricted to restaurants within my finances and near places I've lived or worked so those are the places I am suggesting here.

#1 Chin's Sushi Bar
4406 California St.
(near 6th Avenue)

This is my very favorite Sushi bar. The fish selection is seasonal. In general everything is toothsome and well balanced. The rice, the miso, the maki, and the prepared fish dishes are all delicate and flavorful.
I recommend the stuffed shrimp.
**near Green Apple Books

#2Nagano Sushi
3727 Geary Blvd.
(near Arguello and 2nd Ave)

The rice and the miso at this place are very commonplace. If you want maki, this is not the best place. However if you want to cut to the chase and just eat fish this sushi bar has the most variety of fresh sashimi I have found. They have a variety of Japanese beers and several desserts (I usually don't order dessert at sushi bars but they are on the menu). The atmosphere is pretty good, the customers are usually mostly Japanese and Koreans and the music is usually top 40 hits.

#3 Gordo's (Mexican)
1239 9th Ave.
Between Lincoln and Judah
This is a local chain. Very popular.
I love the Chicken Quesadillas. The menu is only; burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Basic and well done.

#4 Taqueria San Jose
2830 Mission St
(between Valencia and 16th st, a quick walk from the Mission and 16th st BART station)
I find I get better service if I order in Spanish... it's all good, I heap a lot of their green salsa on everything.

#5 The Stinking Rose
325 Columbus Ave.
(between Vallejo and Broadway)

This place is expensive, I've been here twice. The first time my bill was covered and the second time I spent about $35 on my plate including wine, it's easy to spend more if you order appetizers and dessert (or lobster). Like the name implies, Everything in the restaurant has garlic in it. It is heavenly Italian-American fare that should be enjoyed with a dry glass of red wine. You can order a garlic martini, a garlic-vodka shooter and garlic ice cream but really the main dishes and appetizers had plenty of garlic for me, I found no need to venture into novelty.
**near City Lights Books

#6 My final reccomendation I don't know the name of the place
It's a Korean Hot Pot Restaurant
On the corner of 10th Ave and Clement St.

Here you pay a buffet price for a huge bowl that you fill with meat,vegetables, noodles and sauces... then you take it all back to your table and cook it there either on a sautee surface or in a big hot pot of broth. It is very filling, a great place to sate a large appetite.
**also near Green Apple Books

I have found that downtown by the courthouse and opera food choices are poor except for on days when the farmer's market is in the plaza. Also Japan town has good sushi but generally it is priced more than it is worth.

This blog is especially for the Blaschkos who are celebrating Sarah's marriage this week. Congrats to the happy family. If any of you need anything while you're in town give me a call.

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