Thursday, November 22, 2007

Need a good Laugh?

Here it Is! I had this song stuck in my head all day, so instead of purchasing it via iTunes, I elected to purge the tune in my head via YouTube. I had forgotten how hilarious the video was. The song is cheesy but actually pretty good. The video however is full of Michael tossing his flowing locks atop the grand canyon in a matching denim outfit. His shirt is unbuttoned to his navel, his face is dead serious about how he Feels so much more than Love... very bodice ripper here. Between Michael himself, the eagles and horses flying/galloping through fire and the fan comments (go to the video and check out the serious comments left there) My favorite comment was; " One of the best lyrics....Something no one had ever thought about...The way he says that he said he loved but he lied....but then in the next time...Says that it is more than love He feels inside...So much of depth in the meaning" I was on the floor laughing at it all. Perhaps I'm too easily amused. Perhaps it's good to be entertained so easily... either way;

1 comment:

kelly v said...

No wonder you're in an Office Space mood. "You can just call me Mike."