Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Where on Earth have I been?

Buried under a heap of costumes.

First I was the costume assistant/coordinator for Sex. A play by Mae West, quite racy for 1926. It's a terrible read, but once you see it on stage with the music numbers, the set, the costumes and the fantastic actors it all makes sense. It's all like watching a cheesy 20's movie. Hard boiled dialogue and all (or was that soft boiled... I always get them confused.) I like it.

Second was Lovers and Executioners. It's a cavalier show based on a 17th C. French play called "La Femme, juge et partie" by Montfleury. Frankly the plot is like a bad Vivaldi opera or an early Mozart opera... bad plot, holes to sink a humvee in, but if the music is good you usually forgive them. Unfortunately this isn't an opera. The whole thing is done in rhyming couplet. Yes, imagine if you will two hours of rhyming couplet along with synthetic music. I cannot comment fully in this forum but let's just say that I love the actors, they're lovely people who are doing their best and I hope the critics are kind.

Next (starting tomorrow) is The Velveteen Rabbit. The ODC dance company's Not-The-Nutcracker holiday show. I've never seen it, I've never run it but I like the people I'm working with and dancers are on the whole lovely self-sufficient people. So I'm hoping it will be a good show. Usually at this time of year I'm working on the Christmas Revels, which I've loved but sadly can't afford to work for the pittance they offer. Perhaps another year. Anyway I'm doing repairs on the rabbit head today. It is both a brilliant piece of engineering and a scary scary bunny head, so here's a video of it. Beware, it will peer into your soul with it's sparkly blue eye...

I've been so busy that Thanksgiving is really going to be great. Right now my plan involves lying around my house. Playing with the dog and watching movies... maybe with friends, maybe just DeWalt. Dinner will include prochuitto wrapped asparagus, a yam, bok choy, and cranberry sauce, maybe I'll make some gravy for the yam... it's going to be great! Day OFF!!!

P.s. If you get a chance check out "Jim's Blog" in my links. He's a talented actor who is currently playing Scrooge at the big LORT A (hot-shit regional theater for those who don't speak the lingo) in San Francisco. Worth the read.

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