Wednesday, July 3, 2013

There are so many Monopoly boards on Craigslist. Now mine is one of them.

I'm trying to sell my Monopoly board... maybe I can make the Best of Craigslist... perhaps... go flag me "Best of" if you want to help.  

The allure of endless play, huddled around your coffee table learning about the joys of capitalism could be yours! You could win $15 by being the second prettiest girl in the room. You too could go to jail for being caught in the wrong neighborhood.

What should your avatar be? The boot? The Scotty Dog? Perhaps you feel you are best represented by the Dalek... oh wait I think this is a thimble. A thimble? Sure, you're a tailor working in the exciting world of realty and railroad barony; just pretend it's a Dalek.

Seriously though, I have a brand new (old and covered in dust) Monopoly game and now that I'm moving I realize that although it has been a dependable bit of Americana occupying the back of my closet, perhaps it would be better to find it a new home where someone will either play it or use it for deviant art.

Cash please, email to make pick up arrangements.

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