Friday, July 12, 2013

Standing on the Precipice

I'm at the point where all of the stuff I've got to pack and get rid of is making me anxious.  I need to call Amtrak, I am a heartbeat away from being rid of my beloved Honda... siff... I need to take picture frames off the wall, I need to take yet another load of things I don't need to the thrift store... I need one more extra large box so that I can send my chairs along to New Haven... And today... yes today is a day to get a lot of this done.  So last night I couldn't sleep... this morning I'm dragging my feet... despite the fact that once I'm past all of this I will feel better it's just hard to motivate.  Life on the other side is one big surreal notion right now... so here we are staring at cardboard boxes... come on self, go call Amtrak.  Go!

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