Sunday, August 26, 2012

One and Only

There may be 31 flavors at Baskin Robbins and yet to me there are only two; Orange sherbert (cake cone) and Mint Chocolate Chip (Sugar cone) I have tasted the others and sure I guess they are also ice cream... but they are just not the glory that is Mint Chocolate Chip or Orange sherbert... maybe if they ever had Pineapple sherbert I could be swayed... maybe.

I have another food establishment that has become a one choice menu.  Erik's Deli. They're a chain mostly in the central coast and south bay area of Northern California and they have a huge menu of soups, salads and mostly sandwiches, but really all they serve is this; Light and Tasty salad with Raspberry vinaigrette and a cup of tomato bisque soup.  Every time I come down here I become giddy that I can have a bloody Soup and Salad!  It has got to be filled with salt or crack or something that makes this such an exciting meal. 
Perhaps it speaks to my character that I am so devoted to the Light and Tasty in the way that I am devoted to Mint Choc Chip.  There are plenty of places where I try new things all the time but somehow this is different...I'd like to think its a matter of knowing what I like and finding a joy in familiarity, but perhaps it's best to not read too much into food choices like this. 
Do you have a staple order at a restaurant you cannot be swayed from?

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