Wednesday, May 16, 2012


This photo is unrelated to anything... but I like it.

Blogging is lacking right now.  I know.  I feel the guilt.  I'm a little overrun right now.  I've got shows all colliding at once.  One started a little early, returns are happening a little late... my shop is completely buried in chaos.  My roommate is out of town so I somehow need to find time to also walk/feed/play with the dog in reasonable intervals (rather than leaving at 9am and returning at 1am).  I wouldn't say I'm stressed exactly, but I am stretched a bit thin.  I went to a theatre conference yesterday which left me with new ideas I hope to expound upon soon... Basically I wanted to let the few of my faithful readers (hi Mom and Dad) know  that I haven't forsaken the blog.  I'm just running with my nose down and plowing forward.  Hopefully when I get to the other end of this tunnel I'll have more interesting things to say.  In the mean time I may just post some random photos every now and then.

Hope you're doing well out there!


Anonymous said...

Always appreciated. DOD

Anonymous said...

Running w/your nose down? Better than a runny nose I think... Cute pig tho'. Hang on, get some sleep, rub DeWalt. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

keep your head up, get a massage, take a hot bath, drink tea, and sleeeeeeeeep! juancarlos