Sunday, March 11, 2012


I went to the store this morning with the intention of buying some pan dulce and coffee only to discover that the massively heavy bag I've been carrying around didn't have my wallet in it. When I got back to the shop I decided to play "What's in your bag!"
First thing in my bag was a smaller make-up bag
Contents of the make-up bag included;
 4 lipsticks
1 pencil sharpener
1 Neosporin,
2 eyeshadows
1 lip brush
1 acne spot treatment,
1 70spf sunscreen
2 hairbands
1 hair clip
2 wig pins
1 corset lace

But wait... here's the rest of the contents of my (shockingly small) bag;
3 receipts
1 BART ticket
4 chapsticks
1 spray hairgel (not for me)
1 roll of elastic
1 package of needles
1 origami needle holder
1 digital camera
1 cell phone
1 pair fingerless gloves
1 waterless toothbrush
1 package hot cocoa
5 snaps
1 reproduction Victorian button hook
1 skirt bar
1 toupee clip
1 wig pin
1 pair 8" scissors
1 pair thread scissors
1 fabric swatch
2 highlighters
4 art pens
1 eraser
1 mechanical pencil
2 gel pens (1 black, 1 blue)
6 spools of thread
1 ipod (not pictured)

Sometimes during Tech I just keep stuffing things in there "in case I need it".  There is a point however when there is no way to find the things you need.

The bag now contains;
 wallet, phone, camera, ipod, scissors, 1 chapstick and well...
  most of those pens (I need a lot of pens, don't judge.)
Much better.

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Anonymous said...

Great inventory! Mom