Monday, March 26, 2012

Arm chair travel

Google Maps' little orange man provides me with so much satisfaction.  I can explore the world for free.  I can also look around many major cities to find the places I should add to my "must see" list...

Here are my favorite finds this week;
Ok this one was Seattle, the woods by the lake is nice and all but the bisected woman amused me greatly;
Apparently Seattle has a really cool museum I need to go see...

Dublin Ireland has a place called Booze2Go... love it!
 This is also Dublin!  Oh gosh n' begorah I want to spend a good long vacation in Ireland.
And this one is Puerto Vallarta Mexico, such a pretty beach city...
Ok, that's it.  I am burnt out from work this month and am planning on taking my first day off in about three weeks tomorrow.  The knots in my back are terrible.  One day isn't going to be enough but it's going to need to suffice, much like the way that although I cannot travel, I can at least Google and that is going to need to tide me over for a bit.


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