Monday, September 5, 2011

A weekend of paint. Happy Labor day...

My housemate and I have spent all of labour day weekend painting and cleaning our entire apartment. Right now we're at the end of a long day of painting and I'm waiting on steam cleaned carpet to dry before I can move anything into my room. I'm thinking about cleaning more... wishing that all of our stuff would just teleport into place. I'll show actual progression soon... meanwhile I wish I had a chair to sit on.

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If I could finish a task
Simply by wishing it so
Then people would surely ask
Me to help them shovel snow
They'd want help with other things too
Like picking crops and fixing leaks
And in a moment I could do
What would normally take me weeks
Ah, yes, my fortune would be made
If I only had that power
For I'd insist on being paid
By the job and not the hour.